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Oh my knee!

...... Read More
Posted by SouthernCharm with 43 comments

A Moderate Point of View: President Trump Embarrassed Himself on the World Stage Today, with his lack of Knowledge of the Kurds!

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: It was a rather embarrassing moment yesterday when sitting in the White House President Trump made some statements about the Kurds, that the average person maybe would say...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 22 comments

The New Project

Uffdah. The best thing for stress is for me to do 'hard' labor. Well, I had this New Project in mind pretty much all summer long. But spring was fencing time and mowing and working with anim...... Read More
Posted by LouieLouie with 20 comments

I'm in shock, I'm even stunned! Yes, the Kmart store by me is closing.

I know some of you will say you haven't seen a Kmart store in years, but this store is almost as old as I am. It's been there since I was a kid. We went shopping there all the time and somet...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 19 comments

Welcome...... Please Come In

This is a photo post containing 3 photos... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 19 comments

Turkey Day In Canada

No, this blog posting is not about Canada's upcoming election. This is about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Canada falls on the second Monday of October which is tomorrow, the 14th. As empty as th...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 14 comments

l am really ashamed to admit it but .....

l am really ashamed to admit it but ..... l went out this morning to do some shopping. l had to go to the Post Office to post some airmail letters. There is always such a long queue so l thought l wo...... Read More
Posted by JaddieBlue with 14 comments


Last week on Monday, I took my mother to the doctor about her elbow and then to daycare. I received a call around ten thirty telling me that I had to take my mother to urgent care immediately. I then...... Read More
Posted by MarissaG with 14 comments

How's Your Bible Knowledge...? Check it out...

I was surprised at my score because I sort of guessed a lot. But, HA!, I got XX%...... Read More
Posted by FedUpToHere with 13 comments

A few truths

In answer to Amod and others who think President Trump is of little consequence: US AG Willaim Barr speaks to Notre Dame Who but President Trump would be bold enough to place this Truth-teller in offi...... Read More
Posted by 1derlander with 11 comments

Fun Quick Trip Back Home For B-Day

Eastbound I-70 out of Indiana @ 5:45 this Sunday Morning. There isn't a better time to be on that horrible stretch of Interstate. If you've never crossed Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio...... Read More
Posted by MaxLiberty with 11 comments

Baby Pic Fix...

These never fail to make me smile... Daddy's sad that this is the last day of paternity leave...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 11 comments

Joker - A Movie Review

Joker introduces us to the dark side of humor as we follow Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a wanna-be comedian who potential for comedy begins with his ability to dance with grace and charisma, but...... Read More
Posted by Thewritertwo with 11 comments

A Short Survey

I'm running a survey. Do you think it's "racist" for a store to have an International Foods section? For instance, is it "racist" for them to present Jewish foods, an...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 10 comments

You Really Can't Go Back, I Wish I Hadn't Tried

I had the opportunity to reconnect, through Facebook, with a school friend that I was close to. The last time we saw each other we were 26 and she moved to Nebraska to take care of her Dad. We stayed...... Read More
Posted by ButteroseSherry with 10 comments

What I care about

I do not care about your political leanings I do not care about your sexual orientation I do not care if you are wealthy or poor I do not care if you are young or old I do not care if you are married...... Read More
Posted by tesstruhartz1 with 9 comments

Stuff Like This Happens to Me All The Time...another re-post

Stuff Like This Happens to Me All the Time Published on May 17, 2011 By Big Fat Daddy In Misc In the early 1960s the Army started phasing out their gasoline-burning trucks and combat vehicles and sta...... Read More
Posted by bigfatdaddy with 9 comments

Morning moon

Yesterday I did my elliptical but today made up for it. The morning moon Ducky My girls We went to my neighbor's Memorial. Gosh that was ruff. You never know what to say. I hope her husband does...... Read More
Posted by peacefulthinking with 9 comments

Feeding the birds (w/pic)

Ok so you know that scene in the Mary Poppins movie where the lady sits at St. Paul's and feeds the birds? This is her as a scarecrow lol...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 8 comments

Democrat HYPOCRITES love to call Trump corrupt...

Pay attention, watch, and learn... KEEP watching... it won't be long before California comes to the American taxpayers with their hand out, looking fo...... Read More
Posted by OpinionNateTed with 7 comments

Illegal Flees After Shooting Transgender Woman

Illegal Alien Flees After Being Freed on Bail Despite Shooting Trans Woman Dallas County Sheriff's Office John Binder13 Oct 2019123 An illegal alien, who was previously deported from the United S...... Read More
Posted by us2nomads with 6 comments

Your Advice is Needed

Hi, so I'm going to get straight to it. I've been feeling incredibly hurt due to jealousy over my brother. Do any of you have advice to combat this? I'd vent more, but I don't thin...... Read More
Posted by karate2000 with 6 comments

An iPhone 12 SR? No thanks!

"...If you have breakthrough innovation, if you’re able to do something that’, that’s often something a...startup company, is better at..." --Not important who sai...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 6 comments

10/13/19 Love Quote

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 5 comments


It truly saddens me to see someone- anyone really, walking around with that damned hate face on. In many cases, people so young, some as young as their early teens, already lost to anger, prejudice a...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 4 comments

Today Is National Boss Day...

So I thought I’d take a picture of him for you all to see. lol! (pic taken today) With the crap he puts me through, I should be getting a damn raise. lol...... Read More
Posted by blogmom with 4 comments


...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 4 comments

P-TV: Road Rage

...... Read More
Posted by pokeybanana with 3 comments

Something very different.

A new preacher wanted to rent a house in the country but the only one available was rumoured to be haunted. That didn’t bother the preacher since he didn’t believe in such things. He went...... Read More
Posted by ActionTime with 3 comments

Quiet, Careful, Gentle now...things break in the Cold

The Tree is in Full Bloom Cumulative Song (English) (Chorus)The tree is in full bloom,Hoorah, hooray,The tree is in full bloom,Hoorah, dunday!In the tree, there is a branchIn the tree, there is a bra...... Read More
Posted by Jayyyohhh with 3 comments

Minneapolis--an inspiration for the nation on how to fight trump's attempt at nation destroying

The tantrum throwing baby in the White House, in an attempt to hold on to power, continues to give hate fueled ‘rallies”. Happily the people of Minneapolis gave him plenty of push back. T...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 3 comments

A Quid Pro Quo

A Quid Pro Quo - When greed is his driving force, then misery & death cannot be far behind...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 3 comments


This study, is in 2 parts, so the URL will be posted at the bottom of the study tomorrow. On to the study: Abortion: Jeremy 1:5: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 3 comments

4 Seasons in Florida

The old joke goes that we have 4 seasons in South Florida: 1) early bird season (they go cheap, cheap) 2) snow bird season (the Yankees and French Canadians invade us) 3)hurricane/rainy season and 4)...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 2 comments

Send his ass back,Scotty!

...... Read More
Posted by RaggedmanReloaded with 2 comments


I haven't posted in quite some time. Too much time on Facebook I suppose. Also, I see my profile photo is way out of date. That was me 15 years ago. Lot's of aging since. I have tried to upd...... Read More
Posted by jajenney with 1 comments

How You Can Deal With Roof Issues Easily

Being a homeowner means you are chargeable for your own home. On prime of upkeep tasks, you even have to fret about bills and difficult restore choices. The following article can be utilized to help o...... Read More
Posted by andrewmontoya12 with 0 comments

Understand Everything You Can About Shopping On The Internet Here

Finding Excellent Deals When You Shop OnlineIt can be no surprise that shopping on the internet has skyrocketed in recent times. The ease of on the internet searching from the comfort and ease of your...... Read More
Posted by jorjaburroughs3 with 0 comments

Fai copilului tau cadou un curs de dans ii poate schimba viata.

Când vine vorba despre copiii noÈ™trii, vrem să le oferim tot ceea ce este mai bun pentru ei de la haine pana la cainele cel mai frumos si daca se poate si cea mai frumoasa camera. Pentru ca da, copi...... Read More
Posted by dominiczkew with 0 comments

Buying Techniques To Get The Best Offers Online

Strategies Of The Online Purchasing Experts For YouAcquiring a low cost upon an object is a great sensation. Coupon codes are fantastic to utilize, but you will need to find them. The goal of this pos...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 0 comments

einer schwarzen Spitze Brautjungfer Kleider gesamte Gefolge

Wenn Sie eine Methode entdecken, die auf jeden Fall ausgezeichnet ist, aber ein bisschen um den teuren Teil herum, sollten Sie das Prickeln des Kieferpferdes bedenken, indem Sie einfach alle ihre Komp...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 0 comments

We Turn Online Shopping Into Profitable Financial savings

The Most Effective Techniques For Shopping On The WebAre you presently an internet based purchaser? If so, you will be probable currently mindful of some guidelines on how to spend less while store sh...... Read More
Posted by lloyddeleon126 with 0 comments

sobald sich die Samba-Rhythmen gefüllt haben

„Wir brauchten am selben Tag nicht wirklich Briefpapier, es gab Kreidetafeln außerhalb der Lodge und wir erzählten den Leuten vom Zeitplan für das Wochenende.“ Tante Darren und ich waren e...... Read More
Posted by ekoeydeet with 0 comments

The Basics Of An Effective Dependency Rehab Service Advertising And Marketing

Content create by-Quinlan BakThe dependency treatment and therapy organisation plan is definitely a necessary element of an effective business. You won't be successful agreeably in your service i...... Read More
Posted by KarmenWildeboerhpwj with 0 comments

Why should you develop a website with SEO friendly in 2019

Straightforwardly we reliably continue running over the abbreviated structure called SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) which desires each site to top the solicitation rankings. So SEO considered bein...... Read More
Posted by zinavo-com with 0 comments

How to develop a professional website for your Business

The site is the key fundamental for each business. The business is never again considered as unmistakable without a site. Furthermore, it's certifiable as well. Site progress affiliation Bangalo...... Read More
Posted by zinavotechnologie with 0 comments

Sunt mamica caut scoala de dans pentru copii

Daca sunteti in cautare de cursuri de dans pentru copii sau o scoala de dans pentru copii ar fi mai bine sa cititi patania mea mai intai apoi sa incercati sa nu repetati aceleasi greseli pe care le-am...... Read More
Posted by toneyrkwi with 0 comments

America's Grotesque President Actually Did Something Right In Leaving Syria, Although He Did It Very Badly

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY MARKO MARJANOVIC IN CHECKPOINT ASIA “Donald J. Trump’s Brilliant, Hilarious Rebuke of the War Party” "Trump is a lazy, demented de...... Read More
Posted by chuckman with 0 comments

Strategies For The High-class Wedding Party Of Your Own Ambitions

The Right Precious jewelry For The Excellent Bridesmaids' Gift ideasWeddings really are a sociable collecting that will never ever lessen in today's or our future's community. Having sa...... Read More
Posted by benjamincavalcan with 0 comments


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